CRA Survey: To Improve Vulnerability Management, Organizations Turn Inward

Published on
July 6, 2023

Respondents focus less on attacks from the outside and more on the home turf failures that allow attacks to succeed in the first place

New York, NY, July 6, 2023 – Organizations are increasingly turning inward in their quest to improve vulnerability management. They understand that their own failures are a bigger threat than those who would attack from the outside, according to 210 security and IT leaders and executives, practitioners, administrators, and compliance professionals surveyed by CyberRisk Alliance in April 2023.  

“We’re on a mission to try and remove obsolete technology from our organization, but we’re bad at retiring and rationalizing solutions,” said one respondent. “And so our strategy over the next few years is to really tackle that.”

Among the key takeaways:

  • Business planning and sound policies should be integral to vulnerability management. Respondents repeatedly mentioned pain points related to organizational growth, asset management, and getting buy-in from both upper management and end users. As one respondent voiced, “our organization has grown significantly in the last 3 years. With 40,000 colleagues and 13 organizations coming together, the process can be slow and different across each entity, which requires more time and resources to remediate.”
  • Legacy systems have prevented some from patching vulnerable tech. Just 51% approve of how their org has decommissioned old IT to ensure proper patch management. In addition to vulnerabilities, poor configuration of systems has multiplied false positives and alerts some organizations struggle to keep up with.
  • There’s no “one way” to manage vulnerabilities. Respondents showcase different methods for tracking vulnerabilities and coordinating security updates. For example, 54% use a dedicated VM system for all security, while 41% use separate workflows to track different types of vulnerabilities. Some employ an issue tracker, while others rely on manual communication to get the job done.
  • Resourcing is a universal challenge, with the most frustration reserved for how funding and staff is allocated, and a lack of automated capabilities.  

For more detailed findings and analysis, the full research report is available for download here.

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