CRA Connect

CRA Connect is CyberRisk Alliance’s internal agency, research, and intelligence unit that manages our CyberCept unified intelligence and data engine to stitch together our 1st party data across our brands and product offerings.

This in turn powers our ability to conduct full funnel campaign planning and produce powerful, integrated solutions for CRA clients.

CRA Connect is powered by the CyberCept Platform

CyberCept is CRA's Unified Data and Intelligence Engine which produces advanced analytics and insights about target buyers and their behaviors in order to create powerful, influential programs.

Integrated Marketing Programs

Influence our actively engaged audience of cybersecurity professionals with an integrated marketing program tailored to your requirements.

Content Services

Hone your audience, get insight into their behavior, receive an audit of your current content inventory, then let us generate the content you need to fill any identified gaps.

Channel Marketing

We'll help you execute programs designed to motivate and engage channel partners to work with you, which will create more value for your customers.

Public Relations

A well-designed and executed PR program raises the profile of your brand, establishes trust, and arms your sales and marketing teams with a constant stream of content.

Lead Generation

Whether you need top-of-the-funnel or lower-funnel leads to feed your sales efforts, we work with you to determine the best program mix for driving leads that meet your business objective.

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising solutions offer targeted, high-impact branded advertising opportunities that reach a hyper-targeted executive and technical audience through our industry-leading brands.

We're Here to Help

From news, analysis, and insight, to events, communities, custom content and marketing solutions, the CyberRisk Alliance portfolio provides support to the entire cybersecurity ecosystem. We'd love to help support your goals.