CyberRisk Alliance is a business intelligence company created to serve the high-growth, rapidly evolving cybersecurity and information risk management marketplace through a diversified portfolio of services that inform, educate, build community and facilitate commerce.


CyberRisk Alliance will bring together leading brands – the best of breed companies – in each platform category.

CyberRisk Alliance will comprise an ensemble of highly specialized businesses producing information, events, digital marketing services and other professional intelligence resources with a shared mission of informing, educating and training business professionals on the subject of cybersecurity and information risk management, while building community and facilitating industry commerce.

CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) will offer a range of business intelligence products delivering unique services of maximum value by publishing high-quality distinctive content, producing exclusive events and other specialized services, while orchestrating the ‘inner circle’ of top industry leaders, and curating community discussion to enable learning and networking.

Serving as a marketing platform, CRA will also connect leading technology and service providers with the community of cyber risk professionals.

CRA’s portfolio will be formed through a combination of organic product development and a series of highly targeted platform acquisitions and partnerships.

The company will bring together leading brands – the best of breed companies – in each platform category and will be led by a collaborative and accomplished team of entrepreneurs, operators and investors.


– 2018 Year to Date –

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Market Characteristics:

An unprecedented surge of cybercriminal activity is threatening our national and global security and economic stability.
Fraught with threats, the current environment is putting increased pressure on large corporations across all industry sectors, government agencies, healthcare organizations and academic institutions, which is driving the active expansion of the information security and risk discipline.
Cybersecurity and information risk professionals, corporate officers and board members that govern the risk and compliance process have an increasingly high demand for information resources, training, professional networking, peer interaction and the exchange of best practices.
The market’s rapid evolution has led to a proliferation of technology and product innovation requiring traditional and advanced marketing services.

Worldwide spending on cybersecurity products and services:

$120 billion

spent in 2017

rising from $3.5 billion in 2004


growth rate

through 2021

$1+ trillion

in growth

cumulative prediction over the next five years



through its industry research, data, digital media and other time sensitive professional intelligence


through its training, certification, security awareness advisory services and leadership development programs

Builds Community...

through its peer membership councils, invitation-only events, industry conferences and award programs

Facilitates Commerce...

through its advanced data-driven marketing services platform and sponsorships


CyberRisk Alliance invests in businesses serving the cybersecurity and information risk management marketplace with the following characteristics:
Growth-oriented profitable information, event, digital marketing services and other specialized professional intelligence resources
Leading brands providing high-quality services, respected by their customers and rewarded with high renewal rates
Businesses with a differentiated product or service, including those that require operating investment to unlock high-growth potential
Experienced innovative leadership with a strong understanding and passion for the cyber risk industry
Ownership seeking an operating or investment partner to enable a transitional or staged exit strategy

CyberRisk Alliance is flexible about transaction and partnership structures to create mutually fulfilling relationships.

CyberRisk Alliance is highly experienced in business transactions and partnerships. Leadership is fair-minded and operates confidentially and decisively.


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Doug Manoni
Founder and CEO

“An industry of critical importance to our national and global security and economic stability, CRA will support high risk decisions with increased confidence.”Doug Manoni
  • Partnered with Growth Catalyst Partners on the launch of CyberRisk Alliance
  • Director of Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD), a global services and technology solutions company
  • Former CEO of SourceMedia
  • Founder and Former CEO of Wicks Business Information
  • Former Chairman of Connectiv Association
  • Recognized as a visionary and an innovative leader, expert in applying transformative strategies
  • Deep operating experience across diverse range of media and event business models
  • Creative dealmaker, managing over 50 transactions valued at approximately $1 billion
  • Consistent track record of increasing EV and delivering strong positive returns for all stakeholders
  • 20+ year highly active relationship with Growth Catalyst Partners


CyberRisk Alliance, LLC was formed in November 2018 through a partnership between Doug Manoni, its Founder and CEO, and Growth Catalyst Partners, a lower-middle market buyout firm focused on information, marketing services and tech-enabled services.

Growth Catalyst Partners (GCP) will provide equity capital in full support of the CyberRisk Alliance’s strategy, while also leveraging its deep industry network and M&A expertise.

With combined experience of more than 60 years investing in and managing over 235 mergers and acquisitions in its target sectors, GCP’s founders offer unique strategic expertise to help their portfolio companies and limited partners create extraordinary value. By partnering with existing management teams, GCP primarily targets investments in companies and sectors with strong growth potential through both organic initiatives as well as strategic acquisitions.

Growth Catalyst Partners has offices in Chicago, IL and Rowayton, CT.


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