Why LaunchTech Joined Forces with CyberRisk Alliance

Wayne Schepens
May 20, 2024

As I was closing out Q3 of 2022, it was apparent LaunchTech had achieved more than we ever could have imagined, and we were at the pinnacle of a fantastic four-year run. But it was also obvious that we were at an inflection point, and we were going to need some help if we wanted to continue to grow.

So, with the guidance of an amazing M&A firm, TobinLeff Advisors, we set out to find a strategic partner. After meeting with tens of potential acquirers and not being quite excited about any, we were fortunate to hear CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) had requested our package. Without hesitation, we set up a meeting and immediately saw the potential and felt confident they had a strong understanding of the cybersecurity ecosystem.

We felt this would be our chance to expand our offerings to a broader audience of clients, as over our eight years of existence, we had the chance to work with cybersecurity companies in all stages of development–from seed funded, to Series A, B or C, to publicly traded ventures. CRA had a great reputation, and we hit it off immediately with their executive team, knowing the culture was a perfect fit. After an accelerated due diligence period, we happily and officially joined forces at the end of June 2023.

Having focused solely on the cybersecurity and emerging technology spaces, the LaunchTech team has become expert advisors in all aspects of press and media relations, analyst relations and third-party validation through credibility campaigns. Trust is so important in our space, and our goal is to help our clients demonstrate their unique characteristics, technological advancements, value proposition and thought leadership. 

We have worked with so many companies and seen what works and what doesn't. With CyberRisk Alliance we are enjoying the opportunity to share what we've learned along the way with a much broader client base.  We observe the trends and help our clients adjust to them, rather than repeatedly using the same tired playbook that has been overused in the past five years.

In partnership with CyberRisk Alliance, we developed a cybersecurity marketing maturity model that helps our clients better understand how to prioritize the right focus, energy, resources and investments at each step in their journey. In the process, we determined that LaunchTech is a critical contributor at the “tip of the spear,” or the very beginning of the maturity curve, for cybersecurity companies looking to grow and develop over time. Why?Because it’s critical to get company and product messaging, positioning, category alignment and analyst relations right so that work can serve as the foundation for successful marketing efforts further on down the road. Without those solid building blocks our clients’ downstream efforts are often not as impactful as they should and could be when they’re diving into the broader tactics of demand and lead generation.

This is why joining CyberRisk Alliance has been a perfect fit as we round out the CRA portfolio and ensure we all provide advice, channels to market, and opportunities to engage with the right audience at nearly every stage of a company's maturity.

We’re just getting started - and we look forward to diving in with more clients in the coming year to better enable all cybersecurity companies to achieve distinction, and deeper connection with their target audiences in the cybersecurity market.

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