Rise Above the Noise: How the SC Awards Spotlight Cybersecurity Excellence

Bill Brenner
March 26, 2024

The global cybersecurity market is expected to reach $345.4 billion by 2026. Those in the industry know what’s behind this massive growth — every day, professionals and organizations in the cybersecurity sector face new challenges. These challenges demand innovative solutions and relentless vigilance.  

While the battle against digital threats grows by the hour, many of the brilliant minds keeping those threats at bay remain unsung heroes.

Recognition in this fast-paced domain is not just a nod to one's accomplishments, it's a crucial pillar of credibility and trust. To this end, the SC Awards serve as a beacon of acknowledgment in the cybersecurity universe, celebrating those who not only participate in the race but lead it with innovation and resilience.

SC Media will accept entries for the 2024 SC Awards from March 26 through June 14. Submissions made after the deadline will not be accepted.

The Value of Recognition in a Crowded Market

In a market brimming with talent and innovation, standing out can be a formidable challenge. Cybersecurity professionals and organizations often find it difficult to distinguish their contributions and leadership in a sea of competitors. This crowded landscape dilutes individual efforts and, more critically, makes establishing credibility a steep uphill battle.

Clients and the industry at large seek proven expertise, and without clear recognition, even the most deserving innovators can fade into the background.

SC Media and the SC Awards program

Now in their 27th year, the SC Awards highlight true excellence in the industry, helping innovators stand out above the noise, and providing them a path for establishing and reinforcing credibility.

The SC Awards entry process is designed to be inclusive yet competitive, allowing participants to showcase their achievements in various categories. These categories are curated to mirror the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, with new additions introduced each year to address emerging trends and challenges.

From AI and ML to vulnerability management technologies, the SC Awards provide a platform for every facet of cybersecurity innovation to shine.

This year’s SC Awards is spread across 34 categories, 20 in the Trust Awards, and 11 in the Excellence Awards. Many of these categories carry on a legacy of excellence from the 2023 SC Awards and prior years, but there are some new opportunities, as well.

New categories in this year’s SC Awards include:

  • Best AI/ML Data Analytics Security Solution
  • Best Continuous Threat Exposure Management Solution
  • Best Insider Threat Solution
  • Best Supply Chain Security Solution
  • Security Practitioner of the Year

This year’s panel of expert judges were drawn from the fabric of the cybersecurity community, including cybersecurity professional end-users, members of SC Media, the CyberRisk Alliance community of CISOs, and Women in Cyber group — ensuring a rigorous and impartial process as they evaluate the entries.

For the 2024 SC Awards, members of the diverse judges panel hail from notable companies such as Cintas and Mastercard, to name a few. Their collective expertise ensures a rigorous and impartial evaluation process. Each entry undergoes thorough scrutiny, with judges assessing the innovation, effectiveness, and impact of the solutions.

Learn more about the judges for the 2024 SC Awards here:

Don’t Miss Out on the SC Awards

The SC Awards, through SC Media, ensure that finalists and winners receive extensive promotional support, from features on the SC Media website to mentions in e-newsletters and widespread coverage across various social media channels. This multi-faceted promotional effort not only amplifies the visibility of the recognized parties but also significantly enhances their credibility within the industry.

Being nominated or winning an SC Award serves as a powerful endorsement of an organization or individual’s commitment to excellence and innovation in cybersecurity. Winners of the 2023 SC Awards included AT&T (Best Threat Intelligence Technology), Cisco (Best SME Security Solution), and VMware (Best Mobile Security Solution), among others.

Submit Your Entry

Now is the moment to step forward and claim your place among the distinguished ranks of the SC Awards alumni. Make sure you submit your entry before the deadline and spotlight your team's dedication and ingenuity.

This is an opportunity not just for recognition but to be part of a community that values innovation, excellence, and progress. Don't miss your chance to be recognized among the best in the industry and to elevate your achievements in cybersecurity!

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