Introducing the CyberRisk Collaborative (CRC): Uniting the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forums and Cybersecurity Collaborative to Better Serve our CISO Community

Parham Eftekhari
April 30, 2024

From its inception, CyberRisk Alliance had a vision of becoming a world leader in professional and leadership development for the cybersecurity community. In 2019, we acquired two early-stage companies focused on CISO community building and knowledge sharing – the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forums (a regional events platform for CISOs) and the Cybersecurity Collaborative (a paid subscription service for CISOs and their team). In the years that followed, both organizations have experienced rapid growth driven by a community-first ethos where CISOs are at the heart of our educational and content strategy:

  • Over 1,400 CISO and 1,100 Deputy/VP level members
  • 91% premium membership renewal rate
  • Local leadership boards with quarterly events in 17 markets
  • A library of 250+ CISO developed resources (tools, templates, legal documents)
  • Over a dozen team members dedicated exclusively to serve our CISO members

While we have achieved wonderful things for our community in the last five years, we’re only just beginning to unlock the power of the CyberRisk Alliance portfolio to serve the needs of our members. Our next phase of growth will align and integrate CRA’s digital resources and tools with our existing educational strategy to add even more value to our members who are active in our geographically-based, localized communities by given them around the clock and year-round access to community, insights, and education.  

Today we are happy to announce that the Cybersecurity Collaborative and the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum have been combined into a single entity and brand to serve our CISO and cybersecurity executive community of more than 2,500 members. Introducing The CyberRisk Collaborative (CRC), the premier membership community that advances the careers of current and future cybersecurity leaders with a community-first ethos that puts CISOs at the center of executive development.

Our rich portfolio of programs and resources offer member-only access to tools, research, training, and personal brand building delivered via digital and in-person platforms that accelerate personal and professional growth and help executive cybersecurity professionals and their teams to be more successful.

CRC members receive complimentary access to benefits across 7 pillars:

  • Leadership Development - Tailored programs that prepare members to navigate the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape effectively.
  • Workforce Development - Skill and knowledge building to help teams stay competitive, effective and resilient against threats in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity field.
  • Intelligence and Insights - Cutting-edge cybersecurity research and analysis, to help teams anticipate and respond proactively to emerging threats and industry trends.
  • Tools and Solutions - A comprehensive suite of CISO-developed tools and practical solutions that streamline cybersecurity processes and improve operational efficiencies.
  • Peer Collaboration – Fellow cybersecurity professionals connect in a vendor-free environment to share strategies, solve problems collectively, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Personal Brand Building - Speaking opportunities, publications, and other personal brand-enhancing activities to help you boost your visibility and establish your reputation in the cybersecurity community.
  • Policy and Regulation - The latest cybersecurity regulations and policies to help teams minimize legal risks and ensure practices meet industry standards.  

CRC members can also participate in several programs exclusive to the CRC which align to their interests, including our National Education Council, Leadership Boards, Cyber Leadership Program, Women in Cyber Program, and the Accelerator Program (formerly known as the Cybersecurity Collaborative), our premium service for CISOs and their teams offering vendor free decision support, strategy, validation, tools, and training.

The CyberRisk Collaborative will continue to provide community-centric solutions to our members via digital platform, Slack community, strategic working groups, regional dinners and one-day summits that the ecosystem has come to expect from us, but in the near future will be announcing even more new enhancements and facets to serve our community members.

Read the press release announcing this evolution for the organization here and be sure to follow our LinkedIn page to stay abreast of all new announcements and details here.

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