2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review: Exclusive Research, Captured from CRA’s Data Driven Community

Bill Brenner
December 19, 2023

 CRA’s 5-year anniversary is a great opportunity to reflect on the year’s biggest security challenges and how they will shape the year ahead. As Senior Vice President of Audience Content Strategy at CRA, I am pleased to share CRA’s 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review report. In his recent blog post, CyberRisk Alliance President John Whelan reflected on CRA’s journey and focus going forward as “Community-Centered, Data Driven” – an unwavering commitment to community and a powerful statement of intent to harness our first-party data to better serve that community’s needs. 

Our 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review report is a great example of the content that will fuel that community, capturing all the elements of what CRA offers, including:

·     Security Weekly podcasts

·     SC news and analysis, and webcasts

·     Research, including highlights from the last 10 Cybersecurity Buyer Intelligence (CBIR) reports

·     Forward-looking guidance from the Cybersecurity Collaborative membership and task forces

·     Commentary and data on today’s biggest cybersecurity challenges and opportunities, contributed by community members who attended our events through 2023, including Identiverse, InfoSecWorld and ongoing regional events by our Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum and Cybersecurity Summit series

This report captures the ongoing ramifications of what CRA Board Member Malcolm Harkins recently described in his recent blog as 5 seismic shifts in the cybersecurity industry, including the pandemic, geopolitical strife, regulation, executive orders and enforcement, and the rise of generative AI, with all the promise and peril it brings to the table.

This includes the profound impact of the SEC's new data breach reporting requirement, the dual nature of generative AI in cybersecurity, and the surge in ransomware attacks amidst escalating geopolitical tensions. These developments have not only heightened the stakes for cybersecurity professionals but have also spurred a significant shift in strategic approaches and resource allocation.

Among the key insights that the 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review explores are:

·     Ransomware defense takes center stage: Significant ransomware attacks once again defined the year, prompting a reevaluation of defense strategies. Comprehensive insights from the Cybersecurity Buyer Intelligence (CBIR) surveys, enriched with expert analysis, deliver a forward-looking view on bolstering defenses against these threats in 2024.

·     Privacy in the age of third-party apps: The proliferation of third-party applications brought privacy threats to the forefront. By analyzing key news and CBIR survey results, the CyberRisk Alliance report provides a clearer understanding of these concerns and offers proactive steps to mitigate privacy risks in the future.

·     The evolving landscape of vulnerability management: Navigating the complexities of vulnerability management requires a nuanced approach. A synthesis of the year’s news, survey results, and expert insights in the report outlines a strategic path for effective vulnerability management and anticipates shifts in the threat landscape.

·     Cloud security and bridging the investment and implementation gap: Despite the surge in cloud infrastructure investment, a gap clearly remains in security implementation. An examination of this critical gap, informed by recent incidents, CBIR survey results, and expert opinions, lays out a strategic plan for closing the divide and fortifying cloud environments.

·     Balancing IAM security with user experience: The intersection of IAM security and user experience demands a delicate equilibrium. This discussion draws from recent developments, CBIR survey findings, and CSC/CSF membership experiences to recommend strategies that prioritize security while enhancing user experience.

This report not only chronicles the challenges faced in the cybersecurity realm but also serves as a guide and predictor for the strategies of 2024.

As the cybersecurity landscape continues its rapid evolution,the insights from this report are essential for professionals aiming to stay ahead of emerging threats and effectively integrate new technologies. Helping you manage and bolster your defenses is, after all, what the CRA community is all about.

This report was a true team effort across CRA, and we hope you find value in it as you chart your organization’s security strategies for 2024.

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