CyberRisk Alliance Launches CyberRisk TV to Expand Events Coverage, Digital, and Data Capabilities

Published on
May 21, 2024

New York, NY, May 21, 2024 —CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) today announced the launch of CyberRisk TV, designed to capture cutting-edge cybersecurity content at major cybersecurity industry events, and to broadcast it across CRA’s extended network of media channels and brands. CRA’s experienced production teams will capture content on-site and in-studio from industry experts, practitioners, and market suppliers, and provide amplified reach for the latest news, information and insight emerging from the best events across the country.

“CyberRisk TV addresses two major challenges facing the cybersecurity ecosystem today,” says John Whelan, President of CyberRisk Alliance. "First, busy practitioners have a dizzying amount of options when it comes to selecting events for their education and professional development –and then an equally hard time filtering the most important information and insights. By covering the most important shows, relying on our trained editors to capture the most timely insights, and then delivering it across our numerous distribution channels, we provide timely content in formats best suited to our busy audiences.”

Equally important, CyberRisk TV addresses the challenge of market suppliers who typically invest heavily in staging on-site activations at key industry events — only for the content’s impact to be limited to the show itself.

“By capturing and curating the content from each event, CyberRisk TV enables our clients to amplify the reach and impact of their content and extends the value of their investment in that event” says Whelan. 

A Streaming Wealth of Cybersecurity Knowledge

CyberRisk TV will offer a range of content from expert interviews and panel discussions, keynote and breakout session coverage from live and virtual events, in-depth tutorials, and on-the-ground daily summaries of the key highlights from live events. The content will cater to various expertise levels, ensuring valuable learning experiences for everyone from newcomers to seasoned professionals. 

The launch of CyberRisk TV also opens the door for forward-thinking brands and organizations to align with the platform's mission through sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors will gain unparalleled access to a dedicated and growing audience of cybersecurity professionals, decision-makers, and influencers, allowing them to showcase their commitment to cybersecurity advancement and thought leadership.

CyberRisk TV: Bridging the Divide

"CyberRisk TV was born out of a clear need for a centralized source of reliable, accessible, and authoritative cybersecurity content," says Marcus Witte Executive Vice President, CRA Connect." Our goal is to bridge the knowledge divide in cybersecurity, making it easier for professionals to access the information they need to protect their organizations in a format they desire, and for sponsors to engage meaningfully with their target audience."

CyberRisk TV invites viewers and potential sponsors to join this transformative journey into the future of cybersecurity learning and collaboration. For more information on CyberRisk TV and to explore sponsorship opportunities, visit

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