Keeping up with cyber threats is a continual and time-intensive process. To allow the organization to operate with as little friction as possible, security, operations, and IT teams need to understand what data and systems they need to protect, who might be attempting unauthorized access, how adversaries might be approaching an attack, what tactics and techniques might be employed, and when (or if) that attack might hit.

It’s a big problem, to say the least. Cyber threat intelligence helps organizations gain a grasp on their threat landscape and respond to emerging threats more quickly and effectively. But threat intelligence is only useful if it’s real intelligence and not just data. True threat intelligence isn’t a tool, an RSS feed, or even a bunch of correlated data. Threat intelligence is a product—a deliverable—which helps the entire organization understand the relevance of data found, the likelihood of an attack (based on the intelligence), and allows the security and/or ops team to take action.

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