Mobile Security eSummit

JUNE 10, 2020

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace have had an immense impact on business operations. Thanks to this, a majority of core business processes today can either be accessed or executed efficiently no matter their location. Needless to say, personal device use has led to a demand of anywhere, anytime access for employees. This has resulted in an explosion of mobile application downloads.

These apps, however, are being rolled out at an alarming rate. It’s a rate race for app develops, and many aren’t taking a security-by-design approach, resulting in weaknesses and vulnerabilities slipping through the cracks. For security practitioners needing to get a handle on the challenges that a mobile workforce presents, there are techniques and technology that can help.

Join CyberRisk Alliance for a highly-anticipated eSummit featuring experts in mobile security that will share their sage advice on overcoming the challenges you currently face that present obstacles in your path toward reaching a complete state of protection.

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