Doug Manoni
Founder and CEO

“Cybersecurity is of critical importance to our national and global security and economic stability. Knowledge is our best defense and CyberRisk Alliance will increase readiness and support high-risk decision making with increased confidence.”Doug Manoni

Doug Manoni is Founder and CEO of CyberRisk Alliance.

With over 25 years of experience in the information services industry, Doug is an innovative leader and an expert in applying transformative strategies. As the chief executive of CyberRisk Alliance, he has assembled a comprehensive portfolio including SC Media, InfoSec World, Security Leadership Exchanges, Cybersecurity Collaborative and Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum. Prior to founding CyberRisk Alliance, Doug was the CEO of SourceMedia and Founder and CEO of Wicks Business Information. Earlier, he was the COO and CFO of Cowles Business Media, and the Chairman of Connectiv. He serves as an Independent Director of Innodata, a publicly-traded global digital services and solutions company.


Bob Dethlefs
Chairman and Operating Partner

“Organizations are faced with cyber-crime like never before. The threats are real and they are enormously dangerous to companies, communities, and economies. CRA is a safe and trusted source where everyone from CISOs to security analysts can learn, grow, and improve their own organizations.”Bob Dethlefs

Bob Dethlefs is Chairman and Operating partner of CyberRisk Alliance.

A pioneer in the development of peer-to-peer networking and collaboration models for C-suite executives and senior leaders within the cybersecurity industry. Bob was the founder and former CEO of Evanta (which he sold to CEB/Gartner in 2016 for $285 million dollars). Under his leadership, Evanta organized 200(+) annual CXO conferences that attracted top leaders from 86% of the Fortune 2000 organizations. While at Evanta, Bob also created the CISO Coalition, a member-only community for CISOs from Fortune 2000 organizations, and founded the Professional Development Academy, a premier online leadership development academy that he developed with General Colin Powell, Marshall Goldsmith and over 160 CXOs from Fortune 1000 organizations. 


John Harrison
VP Finance & Administration

John Harrison is VP Finance & Administration of CyberRisk Alliance. Having joined the company in 2019, John has over 15 years year of experience as a Finance professional, and five years in senior management. As the CFO of The Real Deal John managed all aspects of Finance, including FP&A, Accounting, Operations, and Administration. In addition, John held the role of Director of Finance at venture capital backed start-up Some Spider Studios, and previously spent nearly a decade at Johnson & Johnson as a graduate of the Financial Leadership and Development Program. John is a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Manager, and is PE certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt. He holds degrees in Finance and Accounting from Lehigh University and a MBA from Pace University.


John Whelan
President, SC Media and InfoSec World

John Whelan is President of SC Media and InfoSec World, with overall responsibility for positioning these exciting, marquee brands for future growth within the CRA family. An experienced digital media executive with extensive experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, John was most recently Executive Vice President of HIMSS Media, a global non-profit serving the healthcare information and technology space. During his time at HIMSS, John oversaw the integration of several acquisitions and the rapid development of new product lines to drive growth and support HIMSS’ mission. Prior to joining HiMSS, John held senior management and business development roles at Summit Business Media, Wicks Business Information, SourceMedia (formerly Thomson Media) and Oxford University Press in the UK.


David Longobardi
Chief Content Officer

David Longobardi is Chief Content Officer of CyberRisk Alliance. He was previously EVP & Chief Content Officer of SourceMedia, where he led the integration and digital transformation of all content operations, introduced research and studio capabilities and developed a unified audience and editorial operating model. He was previously Editor in Chief of American Banker, where he reset editorial mission, introduced a hybrid paywall strategy and accelerated online growth. Earlier, he held enterprise leadership roles at subscription-information and event companies in financial technology, including at Thomson Media and Waters Information (now part of Infopro Digital). David’s teams have won numerous honors, including General Excellence from the Society for Advancing Business Editing & Writing (2019, 2017) and Neal Awards for Best Media Brand (2018, 2016) and Best Website (2016, 2014).


Stuart Cohen
CEO, CyberSecurity Collaborative

Stuart Cohen is the CEO of the Cybersecurity Collaborative, a peer to peer membership organization that fosters expert collaboration to drive cyber security readiness across all member organizations. Stuart is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with almost 30 years in the information technology and IT services industry. Prior to joining the Cybersecurity Collaborative, Stuart was the CEO at the Linux Foundation. He was also with IBM for 15 years, leaving as the Director of Worldwide Marketing, IBM Networking. Stuart earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Business Analysis from Arizona State University.


Graham Keavney
President, CyberSecurity Collaboration Forum
and Healthcare Executive Forums

Graham Keavney is President of Cybersecurity Collaboration Forums and Healthcare Executive Forums, bringing the nations top leaders in their fields together to transform their industries. Graham has nearly 20 years of experience leading sales teams, event development teams, as Marketing Director for a restaurant group, and starting two companies of his own. In 2007 he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Advertising from Portland State University, and his MBA from American Public University in 2014.


Parham Eftekhari
Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Collaborative

Parham Eftekhari is Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Collaborative, a membership community that offers cybersecurity executives peer-to-peer collaboration and exclusive CISO created content. He was previously Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a cybersecurity think tank, where he curated thought leadership at the highest levels of industry and government and led strategic growth for the organization. Parham is a passionate advocate for national security, with an ever-growing catalogue of publications, media engagements, and speaking events.


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