Identity and Access Management: Rethinking your organization’s approach to insider threats

JUNE 29-30, 2021
10:30 am – 4:00 pm EDT

Insider threats are among the most difficult cyber risks to detect and prevent — and getting identity and access management (IAM) right is an essential step in keeping them at bay. The shift by many organizations to predominantly remote workforces has compounded the issue, with larger organizations especially vulnerable as the number of entry points to their networks has increased.

From strong authentication protocols to behavior monitoring capabilities, next-generation identity and access management solutions are showing the way forward. An effective IAM approach will enable security organizations to separate signal from noise — managing and resolving a broad range of exceptions and system-admin failures. It also must fit your organization’s culture and operating model. On June 29-30, SC Media will convene an all-star team of identity security experts to discuss the role of IAM in Rethinking Your Organization’s Approach to Insider Threats. Topics will include:, including:

• The fundamentals of Identity and Access Management
• Tools and software that help combat insider threats
• Why insider threats aren’t just tied to malicious employees

Register today for a fresh look at your organization’s approach to IAM, and its exposure to insider risk.

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