DevSecOps for the Cloud: Secure development and deployment in high-velocity environments

MARCH 23-25, 2021
10:30 am – 4:00 pm EDT

Scale and speed are two words that aren’t typically synonymous with cybersecurity, but that’s all changing. As organizations continue to expand their digital capabilities and reach — harnessing cloud technology’s power along the way — they’re increasingly embracing DevSecOps — an approach in which development, security and operations work together, in a fully integrated process from kick-off to delivery.

At the heart of DevSecOps is an assumption that optimal security is built in, rather than applied as a ring fence around applications and data. Reaching an ideal state of fast, efficient, and secure development, requires shifting security left and out of its customary position at the end of a waterfall process.
To bring you up to speed, SC Media is hosting a new virtual conference focused on DevSecOps for the Cloud. Scheduled from June 15-16, it will provide instruction and insights on key topics, including: 

• How to establish a comprehensive DevSecOps program
• Integrating your security team within a DevSecOps framework
• Understanding DevSecOps implications for application security implications, asset management and more

To keep your business on the cutting edge of development — and security — register now.

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