APTs expanding reach: Understanding the risk of persistent threats

January 26 & 27, 2021
10:30 am – 4:00 pm EDT

Many — perhaps most — security professionals do not build their threat models around cyberespionage, but that approach is changing. Yes, state-sponsored hackers tend to go after bigger fish, but hackers-for-hire are leveraging the same tactics once used by state-sponsored APT groups to target smaller companies — especially as more small organizations increase their operations’ digital reach. Other bad actors treat small and mid-sized companies as points-of-access to get to larger targets they may do business with.

How you invest, prepare and act today can make the difference when it comes to the threats you face tomorrow. Join CyberRisk Alliance for a two-day virtual conference, January 26-27, in which we’ll host the leading minds in threat tactics and analysis as they unpack key APT issues, including:

  • The techniques being deployed today for intrusion and exfiltration.
  • How to intercept possible APT attacks at any point in your network.
  • How to build a robust incident response plan.

This virtual conference offers you the opportunity to take a proactive stance and bolster your defenses. Register now.

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