Addressing the Open Door: Overcoming the APT of 2020 Description

JULY 29-30, 2020

Targeted and prolonged assaults aimed at siphoning valuable information are what really keep security professionals up at night. Today’s digital marauders are employing a range of sophisticated techniques designed to increase their dwell time, and thus give them free rein to draw down critical information until security teams catch up.

Such advanced persistent threats (APTs) have long plagued organizations whose systems and networks host large quantities of personally identifiable information. Because many of these threat groups are backed by nation-states, they have a full digital armory of intelligence-gathering techniques at their disposal.

Join CyberRisk Alliance on July 29-30 for a special eSummit on the fast-changing world of APT. At this interactive two-day event, experts and practitioners will share best practices, provide actionable advice, and arm you with threat intelligence. Topics will include:

  • How to reduce breach detection gaps
  • Understanding attackers’ new arsenal of exploit skills
  • Raising your awareness of critical attack origination points Reducing your organization’s exposure to APT is essential. We will help you do so in a convenient and interactive e-learning and networking environment.

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